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Bediatec Delivers Same-Day Diagnostic Services in Paris, France

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Bediatec is a leading company in the Paris area that provides same-day diagnostic services. They specialize in asbestos, energy performance, gas, and electric diagnostics and provide their customers with certified reports the day after the diagnostic was taken. Bediatec has recently been referred to by Yelp for a same-day diagnostic on an apartment located in the 75010 area of Paris.

The customer for this project is Gary AMAR, who was looking to have the property inspected before sale. The team from Bediatec used a telemeter laser, punch, electrical tester up to NF C16-600 standards, and a gas leak detector to inspect the property. After completing the inspection, the team provided their client with a detailed report with recommendations on how to improve energy efficiency such as replacing the current heating system and insulating the attic.

With Bediatec’s same-day service option, they were able to provide their customer with a diagnosis and recommendations within 24 hours. This allowed for Gary AMAR to make any necessary repairs before putting his property on the market. Furthermore, Bediatec provided him with a certified report of their findings delivered by the following day so he could present it to potential buyers.

Since this project was completed in one day instead of several days or weeks like other companies, it offered additional benefits for both the customer and company. For example, this meant less disruption for Gary AMAR since he did not have to wait for multiple visits from different technicians over several days. It also saved time for Bediatec since they did not have to schedule multiple visits with different teams or technicians over an extended period of time.

Overall, Bediatec’s same-day service option has provided numerous advantages for its customers. Their services offer quick and efficient inspections along with certified reports delivered quickly so customers can move forward with their projects without delay or disruption. Thanks to their innovative approach and high quality of workmanship, they have become one of the most respected companies offering diagnostic services in Paris and beyond.